Lynnfield - Zetland Lodge AF & AM

Instituted A.L. 5867


From the East


My Brothers,


As we close out the 16 - 17 Masonic year and I am now installed as Master of Lynnfield - Zetland Lodge again, I look back and say well done to
Wor. Larry Sorenson who had a succesful year with candidates, a good exemplification and fraternity aplenty which is the hallmark of
a successful Lynnfield-Zetland Lodge year.  Well Done Larry !!!!

I look forward to taking the reins again, I will be sending out the plans for 17-18 Masonic year to members during the summer months.
The officers and I will be working hard to bring back some members who have been absent for a long time.

If your a Mason reading this and are not a member, please join us, we eat well and always have fraternity after the meetings.

If your not a Mason and would like to be one, know that Masonry is not just a club, it is a brotherhood where you put in one and get out

Questions or want to join Masonry please contact me.




                                                      Worshipful Master

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